Gordon Mathieson
Author, Screenwriter
The Hyannis House
   SORRY.....The Hyannis House is now sold out of print after 15 years of sales.  Thanks for your continued support!
     The tranquil lives of Joann "Joey" Brewster Hepburn, her US Senator husband, and college daughter become stormy and turbulent when infidelity, hidden family secrets and murder blow in without warning.
     From Boston to Cape Cod, detectives try to piece together murders that lead to Hepburn family members as probable suspects.
      Joey unexpectedly reunites with her former college boyfriend, Lazarus Creed, who helps her make sense of things happening to her and to her family.
      His extraordinary skills provide an investigative edge over the police to collect clues and missing pieces to the heinous puzzle.      But the intensity of an unfinished romance conflicts with solving the bizarre, high-profiled murder mystery.
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