Gordon Mathieson
Author, Screenwriter
The Color of Ice

冰的  is Now a full-feature film screenplay!   (95 mins.)

China and the US reluctantly form a top-secret alliance, rushing to stop a  lethal, virus bio-weapon.

Discoveries inside the laboratory foster a Chinese-American romance,  where maverick agendas and murder makes for a intriguing web.
Acting roles:
Dr. Carrie Bock     White American, Biology  Professor
Dr. James Chen    Asian American, CDC researcher
Dr. Lan Ying           Asian, biologist researcher

Warren Lee           Asian American, US State Dept.
Mr. Peng                Asian, Beijing gov't retiree
Nigel Wang            Asian,  Peng's assistant
Bart Brady              Black American, US President
Wei Xing               Asian, Carrie's College friend

This thriller novel has US Professor Carrie Bock working with a team of allied reseachers from China to "catch up" with a terrorist  weapon that will change the face of the earth.
But she discovers much more on the top-secret assignment--- both inside and outside of the hidden and disguised lab.
She uses every tool in her tool bag to learn different agendas from both The White House and from Beijing. But she never planned on a heated  bi-cultural romance coming into play.
This page-turning thriller challenges the young woman's principles of love, life and ....death.
This popular thriller novel, THE COLOR of ICE, has won another award!
it was voted the BEST BOOK COVER award from a variety of national and international entries.
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