Gordon Mathieson
Author, Screenwriter
Chinese American teen, Becky Bing, is the new "Nancy Drew"
In this latest mystery, "POPPONESSET BEACH". The stories are page-turners, for young adult and adult readers!
Each story has twists, turns and Oh...I didn't see that coming!
Becky gets caught in  a maze of underground tunnels and discovers an illegal operation going on----- led by a popular high school individual.

The crime ring-leader's body is later found floating
 in the high school pond.

Becky pieces together clues but soon finds her teacher's classroom provides the best information.

The twists and turns appeal to all readers who love
 an unpredictable and suspenseful mystery!!!!

HOOK ISLAND is now adapted into a Feature Film Script and available to film makers.


 Becky and friend, Jake, are in the wrong place at the wrong time. They witness something they never planned just before summer school vacation.

 The high school classmates keep the
 secret sacred. But after an armed robbery rocks the town, Becky believes the same criminals are involved. 

 She pieces together clues---- from shotguns to softballs, from dugouts to dachshunds to determine who the suspects.

But while collecting these clues, she uncovers more about the criminals, more about boyfriend Jake, and much more about herself. 

The author, Gordon Mathieson, is an advocate of diversity and cultural bridges. He uses Mandarin in books featuring lead character, Becky Bing, a Chinese American. 


The Midnight Ride, finds teenager, Becky, in Boston and away from her parents for the first time.

The scholarship event reveals bizarre events, leading her to realize a  crime is being plotted out. And, it looks like murder.

 But when she explores the historic sights of the American Revolution, Becky again stumbles upon bizarre and unconnected clues.  When she gets closer to solving the mystery inside Paul Revere's digs, she finds herself trapped into a corner of lethal danger.

    Becky and her family spend the summer on Cape Cod, where the ocean, sun, and activities are perfect before returning to school.

    But the fun and recreation are turned upside down when she encounters an eighty year-old woman on the sandy beach. She is drawn into this intriguing woman’s storied past. Each revelation leads her to mysterious places never part of her vacation plans.  

     The shocking discoveries bring her to old maps, hidden treasures, scary dark places and one other thing--- a well-planned murder.

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