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Gordon Mathieson  has written fiction for many years.
He has mentored others  by ghostwriting their books and memoirs.
A trained screenwriter, he's adapted his Chinese American novels into feature film scripts.

His stories are page turners--- mystery, crime, and suspense. Unexpected twists and turns are often tempted with romance leading to lethal danger.

After a career in the Information Technology field, most at Yale University, he now lives on Cape Cod, with his wife.

Gordon has appeared on Boston's popular  ABC-TV program, "Chronicle", also FOX TV and many talk radio shows throughout New England including WBZ, NPR and  Asian Boston Radio.

He's been profiled in Writer's Digest Magazine, "Writing for Success" and has written for the premier authors magazine, "The Writer".

Prior to a career in  the computing  field, he studied Mandarin 普通话  at Yale and later was a translator for the National Security Agency in Taiwan and Viet Nam. This Asian cultural experience inspiried his popular works.
 His Becky Bing series, featuring a teenage Chinese American amateur detective, has become popular for readers 14+ and beyond.  
Because of the  diversity, language and culture exposure in these stories, school teachers have added these titles to students reading lists.
His YA, Becky Bing mystery books are popular with teens, parents and school teachers.   Becky has been called the new Nancy Drew from readers across the globe! Check out the teen, amateur-detective series!

Recently, Gordon has collaborated with a Chinese native 
Mandarin teacher in the US. They have just finished a cultural adventure novel where teens explore both cities and learn about the different cultures not found in text books. But they really find out much more about themselves. It is titled--- 
BEIJING TO BOSTON   and should be released soon

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 Gordon can be personally contacted via his email on the Contact
Page page or at gordonmath@comcast.net.

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The following is an article on Gordon and his writing published in Asian Boston Magazine.

 Bridges East-West Gap

By Suchi Dubrenski

Gordon Mathieson writes with passion, intrigue and, most importantly, a spirit of greater understanding between the Asian and non-Asian communities. The driving force behind The Color of Ice, his latest tale, was and is to highlight Chinese and Chinese American characters in contemporary, non-traditional or stereotypical roles. He also visualizes this novel as a film. Quite simply, Mathieson believes this novel has screen potential for showcasing Asian American actors in a new and fresh way previously unseen either in prose or film format. It is an opportunity for young, talented Asian American actors to delve into roles previously deemed commercially and aesthetically uninspiring and often relegated to a producer’s slush pile. Mathieson hopes to change all that, and with only 5 main characters in the story—4 Asian and 1 American. He also hopes China or western including Hollywood film makers will take notice.

A prolific writer, Mathieson is preparing to launch his next literary project in the young adult genre: The Becky Bing mystery series Hook Island and Summer Games, The Midnight Ride and Popponesset Beach. Each features Becky Bing, a 16-year-old Chinese American. She's a "modern-day Nancy Drew" stumbling across crimes she must solve on her own. Becky, a high school student, is smart, confident, edgy, feisty but also compassionate. As with The Color of Ice, the Becky Bing series emphasizes the Chinese culture and Chinese language where appropriate; educating and enlightening readers about Asian Americans embedded in a good story.

Prior to working in the computing  field, Gordon was a Mandarin Chinese translator for the National Security Agency where much of this experience inspired his international spy thriller, The Color of Ice.
This experience leading up to the novel is encapsulated in one phrase according to Mathieson: "It was all around the Chinese language." From this foundation, his knowledge, appreciation and love of the Chinese culture grew.

Mathieson experienced his own cultural epiphany as a young Air Force cadet stationed in the Pacific. He vividly recalls writing home in a letter citing his misguided understanding of China and the Chinese culture in a naïve but astonishing nature. "Boy, these people are so different from the way we live," wrote a young Gordon Mathieson. Bewilderment quickly gave way to a common sense understanding of the cultural divide. "Within months I was saying you know what, they really aren’t so different at all. They’re just like all of us," he recalls. This understanding evolved into a reverence of China, its people and culture; a love and emotional bonding that has spawned numerous deep and personal friendships between Mathieson and Chinese both in Asia and with Chinese Americans in America.

The genesis of the novel The Color of Ice is from Mathieson’s belief that the Chinese and Chinese-Americans are, even today, not well understood by Westerners. To that end, he wrote the novel as a means of educating as well as entertaining readers. "I always had a place in my heart for Chinese people." Mandarin plays a pivotal role in the novel’s plot development. "The language is very integral to the plot. For those people who aren’t familiar with Chinese language or Chinese culture, they’re going to learn a heck of a lot by reading this story."

The Chinese American culture has not always been given its fair due when it comes to telling great stories with Chinese American characters. He plans to change this most obvious void in his books.Gordon Mathieson brings a new literary awakening.

Gordon's Young Adult teen series has become popular. It's heroine, teenaged Chinese American, Becky Bing solves complex crimes with her friends. Like the Nancy Drew character in the past, she is a determined teen who doesn't take no for an answer and shows measured courage to bring justice

Cover of Gordon Mathieson’s latest tale, an Asian-themed story called ‘The Color of Ice"
Article reprinted with permission of Asian Boston Magazine

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