Gordon Mathieson
Author, Screenwriter
                                POPPONNESSET  BEACH
                  A Becky Bing Mystery
Becky Bing spends a family vacation on the sunny sands of Cape Cod.

But fun turns upside down after she encounters  a mysterious 80 year-old woman on the beach.

She is drawn into the old woman's storied past and a hidden treasure...leading her into places never known to her young life. 

Danger follows Becky as she searches for clues to a hidden treasure and uncovers a well-planned murder.
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The affluent Ethan Sterling  faces an ultimatum from his young bride. He must cure his chronic and annoying “phantom pains” or face divorce. 

He seeks professional help but it takes him to a special  place---unknown to him. Here, he learns more about his family members while putting the pieces of his ancestral puzzle in place.

The contemporary story, set in New England, features a plot never before seen, spoken or written.

 Readers who like “who dunnit?” mysteries, will enjoy this suspense-drama where passionate romance, wealth and greed collide with a family's treasured genealogy.

Does history ALWAYS repeat itself?

Find out, with the fast-paced novel, THE FAMILY TREE.

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